Begining from 27.09.2002
all international destinations for free messaging has been permanently blocked
Beginig from this date Golden Telocom GSM/SMS page can't provide free Web->SMS gateway service. This gateway now allows to send short messages to Ukrainian GSM networks only.
Due to a set of requerements of most of our international roaming partners we can't allow to send free messages to the most international GSM networks. Therefore we are not going to continue providing free service.
If you have commertial proposition about using our gateway for you services, please contact our support team for details:

The Short Message Service (SMS) is the ability to send and receive text messages to and from mobile telephones. The text can comprise of words or numbers or an alphanumeric combination. SMS was created when it was incorporated into the Global System for Mobiles (GSM) digital mobile phone standard.
A single short message can be up to 160 characters of text in length using default GSM alphabet coding, 140 characters when Cyrillic character set is used and 70 characters when UCS2 international character coding is used.
This GSM/SMS-messaging system is provided by

Your Message will be delivered to Mobile Subscriber with unique 8-digits Web ID as Originator number.
If you want to use permanent ID for sending SMs, you should enable Cookies in your Web Browser.

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Here you can find description of all SM related Services provided by Golden Telecom for GT subscribers.

If subscriber use UCS2-compatible mobile (Nokia 51xx, 61xx, 3210, and newest), you can send Cyrillic or UCS2 (Arabic, Chinese, etc..) text.

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04.02.00 Turkish charset support has been implemented.
17.02.00 Greek charset support has been implemented.
08.12.00 Full support of UCS2 has been launched.
27.09.02 International destinations has been permanently blocked.

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